crane-assisted tree removal

Felling, Limbing, and Crane-Assisted Tree Removal in Johnson City 

Arborists and tree removal specialists use several methods to safely and efficiently remove trees from residential and commercial properties in Johnson City. AAA Don’s Tree Service & Stump Removal often employ professional felling, limbing, and crane-assisted tree removal techniques to address various tree removal needs. 

Our dedicated team of professionals will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your trees and property, taking into account your unique circumstances. Based on this evaluation, we will provide seasoned recommendations and a free quote for the removal of your trees. We specialize in removing large, hazardous trees from commercial, industrial, and residential properties across Johnson City, Tennessee, and the surrounding Tri-Cities communities. 

What is Tree Felling? 

The term “tree felling” (also called “directional felling”) is more specific and descriptive than just saying “cutting trees” because it emphasizes the action of bringing a tree down to the ground in a deliberate and controlled manner. When a tree is felled, it is intentionally cut so that it falls in a particular direction, often to minimize damage to surrounding trees or structures and to ensure the safety of the workers involved in the process. 

It’s important to understand the difference between ‘cutting trees’ and ‘tree felling ‘. While ‘Cutting trees’ is a more general term that can encompass various activities involving trees, ‘tree felling’ specifically highlights the controlled action of cutting down trees in a deliberate and controlled manner.

Tree felling is most often used in simpler situations. Your tree removal professional from Don’s Tree Service will assess the tree’s size, location, and condition and create a plan to fell it correctly and safely. This includes: 

  • Determining the appropriate safety measures to employ 
  • Calculating the tree’s desired “fall path” to determine where it will fall and land 
  • Clearing the fall path of any debris or obstacles 
  • Performing any necessary tree “limbing” to ensure safety and lower the risk of limbs falling or changing the fall path 
  • Performing precision cuts low on the tree’s base to facilitate the correct fall path 
  • Continuing precision cuts to cause the tree to fall 
  • Removing the fallen tree 

Our talented teams always work to ensure the tree falls in the intended direction without causing damage to surrounding structures.

What is Limbing? 

Limbing involves removing the branches from trees, whether they are standing or already fallen. 

Standing Trees

Limbing standing trees helps to prevent accidents and damage as a tree is felled. Large or tangled limbs can alter a tree’s fall from the designated fall path, creating dangerous situations and damaging nearby property. Don’s Tree Service professionals may limb a standing tree before felling to increase safety and reduce damage or injury risks. 

Felled Trees 

Limbing felled trees is also a safety measure. Your Johnson City tree removal professional will examine a felled tree to discover if branches are holding it off the ground or could otherwise cause accidents as the tree is “bucked” or cut apart for easier removal. Limbing also removes limbs to make removal easier once the tree is safely on the ground and free from movement risks. 

What Is Crane-Assisted Tree Removal?

Larger or hazardous trees in complex locations cannot often be felled without assistance. Crane-assisted tree removal allows our tree experts to remove trees with precision and great attention to detail. After limbing the tree as outlined above, Don’s Tree Service can employ a crane to hold trees and move them where needed for safe and efficient removal. Cranes also help when troublesome trees must be removed in sections. 

Crane-assisted removal also provides extended reach for trees in complicated or crowded areas. Our tree removal professionals in Johnson City can remove the most problematic tree with far less damage to surrounding trees and property with crane assistance. This is especially useful for larger, 1,000-pound-plus trees that threaten buildings or other property. 

Expert Tree Care Services in Johnson City 

Our tree service company in Johnson City is fully insured and licensed in Tennessee. When you hire Don’s Tree Service, you can be confident that your property is safe. Our skilled team’s work is backed by full insurance coverage, so you are fully protected while we’re working on your property.

We provide services for both residential and commercial properties, so you can count on us to have the right solution for your needs. Whether you need to remove a single tree or require assistance with dangerous trees, our experienced team is ready to help. The Don’s Tree Service team is well-equipped to handle all types of tree removal projects in Johnson City, whether they involve felling, limbing, or crane-assisted techniques. 

Contact AAA Don’s Tree Service & Stump Removal today to learn more about their tree removal expertise in Johnson City and get your free estimate.